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Queen International No. 68 2009

Originality, with Garbo eleganzaeraffinatezza ...
Research and innovation characterize dasempre style rosyGarbo that the new hill-tion proposes refined dalcontrasto unique creations made of fine fabrics and traditional materials mixed with them. Slight iridescent silks and are valuable to businesses skated chiffon, organza sonosovrapposte scrolls of embroidery, lace and Plisse ebaguettes in beads. Emotions and memories nell'abitoclassico kicks with precious sachet in rhinestones and beads sugonne handled by gentle slopes that make the bride diuna ideal interpreter of a royal history eromantica. Inspired by the frescoes of Palladio's Venetian maestoseville, the range of colorispazia white, gold, silver and up to nuancechampagne pink and lilac shades. The veil, nellesue forms and ornaments become more imaginative access to parts and important approach to the style of ogniabito. A perfect mix between past, present and future for the bride rosyGarbo, awareness of the protagonist of his own femininity.
"Lutecia by rosyGarbo" For the modern bride but the class line "Luteciaby rosyGarbo" he thought to live in step with lamoda and trends of the moment produced compared always putting our style. "Made in Italy". Lineeeleganti and clean, by cuts in aslant emphasizing the no-silhouette embellished with embroidery of flowers in swarovski odettagli to give the bride quelgiusto touch of elegance and seduction.

'Clean and classy', a clean look and classico.Questa is the image that the designer American TommyHilfiger proposed footbridge for the PE 2009. Unadonna that gait on stage wrapped in trench DISET and wrapped in crepes suits of silk and viscose blunavy who have a taste of the East. After a pit accident in total white-based trousers to the edge and Youth polpaccioripresi fluid, take off ilcolore, with masculine and a touch of elegance leggero.Sono figure all'orietale in mondooccidentale those of Derek Lam . The Chinese-American designer focuses on gatherings and the drawstring and the pri-vilegia plain colors: cream, powder pink and white otticocon solar flashes of orange, yellow and acid blunotte. Parade suits of all kinds, including short, Tasco-ni safari, parkas and trench coats and soft destructured verdemilitare as well as clothes transparent networks deipescatori. In the evening the light of gold and bronze in tunics embroidered sialterna of reeds and pail-lettes sailing, as mezzelune, clothing Digal. The ubiquitous waist action which gives exemption to certain masculine cocktail complete in fall. "Layers of Memory" is the spirit of the new hill-tion Diesel Black Gold. Parade heads of taste-vin tage that seem exhumed from the trunks of his grandfather mache everyone can reinvent itself as a willing, secondol'indole, taste and mood. Back and forth neltempo, experiments and reinterpretation. E cosìdagli'30s it comes to today, where the bikers are pezzitipici replicated in soft tissues: jer-sey, poplin, muslin, cotton and leather. While gliabiti and top are decorated with embroidery surreal. Unospirito supplemented by free soft bags pito-tion and shoes denim treated and aged, the tuttocon looked dandy and very vissuta.Ralph Lauren has been abducted by the languor guide them in the desert and the splendor of the courts in India. The suaesploratrice has a spirit and british sports computer you princess Arab turbans on blouson of nappadorata. The key theme of the collection is tastefully abitoricamato sumptuous, gold coins of anti-market and sequins all over Mordor. The fog-pants already harem seize the figure, especially if por-tion on high heels and satin shirts with khaki or sensuality verdeoliva cut back. Lame daodalisca, Sahara City and camicioni tea neldeserto, golden bomber shorts and minimalist, blazerad a button and trousers at the ankle. The magic siconcretizza with tissue slides, and radiant solari.Vivienne Westwood, the queen of punk, lacollezione called 'Do it yourself', ie living fashion feud you and turn down the unnecessary wastage. 'It is time to return leragazze fun with fashion-dose inventan its look with fancy and imagination, "comments the designer ta. Go ahead and then a series of misesun po' tribes that are based on objects, stof-fe and materials of everyday use. So clothes that giac-top and are constructed with thousands of triangles of fabric, the cloth is transformed into the hood. All with finger from an irony-chic with a flood of clothes and tessutianimalier made of iridescent plastic, ricamatissima and fluorescent dyes for clothes odrappeggiati dancing around the body.
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